Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How can a new romance author break into print?

Ask the Literary Agent

Question: I've heard that it can be tough for a new romance author to get a first novel published. What's the best way for a fledgling romance novelist to get her first book published?

Literary Agent Michele Glance Rooney Answers:
As a literary agent, the best kernel of wisdom I can offer is to write a stupendous, outstanding, phenomenal romance novel that truly showcases your writing talent. Your debut romance novel should include the following key elements:
First, you should capture the reader's interest as quickly as possible. This is often referred to as "hooking" the reader.
Second, make sure you introduce the protagonist and antagonist and the premise and conflict of the novel as quickly as possible.
Third, make sure your characters have realistic motivations. Ask yourself "would people really act this way?"
Fourth, make sure your dialogue sounds authentic. Ask yourself "does this sound like a conversation I might actually hear?"
Fifth, be certain to create a memorable main character.
Finally, be absolutely certain to write beautiful love scenes. this is the area where the true romance writer shines. As all great romantics know, great love scenes tell you what the characters are thinking and feeling during the love scene, rather than merely focusing on mere physical actions.
Create a romance novel that combines all of these elements and you'll be well on your way to creating a publishable romance novel.

Michele Glance Rooney has been a literary agent representing fiction and non-fiction for 19 years. Email her at michelroon@aol.com
Her website is http://superliteraryagent.tripod.com

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